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Hi! I'm

Sneha RK

Being a 90s kid has always made me love this decade more than any other. It brings out an emotion of nostalgia and all the change we've been through in fashion, technology and art. Touching upon glitchy memories and colourful times...



Hey you,

Hope you all are doing great. There's been so much happening around us and staying sane has become so difficult in these times. The pandemic has definitely brought more challenging times with the lockdowns, mentally as well. Journaling has helped me so much over the years. It literally helps me feel light and happy. My style of journaling has definetly evolved over the years and now I've become more topic and genre specific so that my mind gets to focus towards one direction and explore.

A lot of you wrote to me asking how to start journaling and is there a specific way of art journaling. Well, there is no one right way of doing it. That's the best part about it. You're free to express your emotions however you want to, whether that's through writing down your thoughts or collaging or painting or poetry or merging all of them. Just start and see where your creative mind leads you. You'll be surprised!

You can also follow @artjournalcommunity to check out various different artists and their journals.

5 Artists you need to be following right now if you plan to start journaling :

1. Sydney - @itsmoo99

She has a very distinct style that's super quirky and usually works around a colour palette. She blends a lot of print outs with her illustrations and paintings.

2. Merel - @mereljournals

If you want to take inspiration of beautiful and dreamy landscapes, Merel's instagram feed is the one. These paintings look absolutely therapeutic and makes me feel like creating my own dreamy scapes.

3. Brent - @brentsjournal

Brent's journals are raw and mostly display an emotion with quotes or phrases.

4. Milk - @mercurialmilk

She's one of the most followed artists on instagram amongst others. Her work has a lot of finesse and shows so much of her technical skills. Her style portrays more of facial illustrations.

5. Maria - @dead.penguinn

Maria's journals are filled with beautiful illustrations and her layouts usually are in cool or warm monotone making her pen drawings the highlight.

Do let me know if you'll have any favourites.



If you’ve visited Agra, chances are you’ve already seen the colossal Taj Mahal. Well, it was my first visit to Agra (technically, second visit as I did come here with my parents when I was three but I hardly remember it). We drove down to Agra from Delhi and straight headed to our hotel. After check in and lunch, we headed to Agra Fort.

Built in red sandstone and marble, this magnificent architecture exudes a majestic feeling once you enter the courtyards. This fort is just two and a half kilometers away from Taj Mahal and has multiple palaces, gardens and mosques. The details on these palaces are astonishing and I could stare at it wondering what the inspiration was behind every pattern. Every corner of the fort had stories to tell from the Mughal times.

The next morning, we headed to the Taj Mahal, a guided tour organised for us by the Taj Hotel. The guide unraveled multiple stories and gave us all the myths and facts about the Taj Mahal and the entire history behind it which was great because some of it wasn't even taught to us in school. So here are some pictures from the second day.

The second half of the day was spent lounging at the rooftop of the Taj hotel, relaxing and watching the sunset. The hotel staff couldn't be more welcoming and warm.

Hope you liked this post. Watch out for more content on this space.



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