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Fashion Week

The designs on display hold a special place in my heart, as they hail from the stages of Arab Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week. What brings me the most joy is that each of these creations comes from the minds and hands of exceptional students whom I've had the privilege of mentoring. Guiding them through the entire process – from the spark of an idea to the final design – has been an enriching experience beyond words.

My approach has always been centered around nurturing the spirit of exploration and innovation in these budding designers. Together, we've delved into the realm of textiles, challenged the norms of silhouettes, embraced unconventional art techniques, and even ventured into the realm of personal emotions and thoughts. These areas have become the foundation upon which these talented individuals have built their unique paths.

The garments before you are more than just fabric and design; they represent the growth, the humility, and the courage of these young designers. It's been my utmost privilege to stand beside them, offering guidance and support as they dared to tread new territories.

This journey is a testament to the belief that creativity flourishes when given the freedom to roam. I've always believed in cultivating an environment where each individual can explore their talents at their own pace. My heart swells with pride as I witness the blossoming of creativity and self-discovery in these designs.

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