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September 3, 2019

Hidden gems of London - Instagram Famous

March 2, 2017

I’ve always believed in dressing for myself, so should you. Wear bright red shoes in the middle of the day, fishnet tights to brunch, and sneakers to a date. Shuffle things up, go against the trend, but never against yourself. Styling an outfit is so personal to each one of us- echoing our moods each day, our personalities and the way we choose to see the world around us. Few days back I saw a girl walk past in a really great outfit, head held high, without a care in the world- something so alluring about her that I would love to see more girls dress fiercely like her.

We so often use the mirror as a weapon of criticism to point out the huge forehead that bangs can’t cover, love handles we don’t like or the dark circles under our eyes. And then when one of those days comes along when an o...

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