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Sneha RK

February 16, 2019

Sometimes it feels so complicated to throw together an outfit that will be inspiring when all I want to do is wrap up myself  in a warm coat each day that I was in Delhi. We are so over saturated with content these days from so many amazing content creators – it’s difficult to figure out what else could be appealing and different at the same time.

Here’s a look I created on a freezing day without layering but actually has been layered smartly. The top has been layered over two thermal tees and the corduroy pants over thermal slacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love jackets but for a person who lives in a city that hardly has winter; it feels pointless to invest in multiple jackets or coats. This could be helpful for those who are travelling to colder cities and can make use of their summer ward...

May 13, 2018

Lately I’ve been drawn towards vintage themed concepts and I can’t stop obsessing over it. #Throwback #Vintage #StartedFromTheBottom #Fusion and many more are some trending hashtags on Instagram and other social media. I took the literal meaning of these trends and put it all together in this post of mine. This summer, the plaid trouser gets a retro reboot.

#StartedFromTheBottom, we mostly tend to focus on our tops, tees and keep our lowers as an add-on or complimentary to the top we wear. Here, I broke the rule and found something that compliments my ‘Irish themed Plaid Pants’. Adding on the pearl studded loafers gave me the extra zing I wanted for this look on a hot summer day.

My surroundings shout out #Throwback and #Vintage, with the ‘Anarkali’ Graffiti and the old streets of Mumbai,...

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