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Hi! I'm

Sneha RK

May 5, 2018

D stands for Dress up, Dance and add some Drama into your look

I signifies for In with the vintage

S stands for Spice it up with Sequins

C signifies Classics with an edge

O symbolizes Old is in

Putting it all together..Yes! I have the Disco Fever.

Minimalism has been dominating the runways for a while with the motto “Less is More”. But over the past few seasons, we have seen a revival of high-voltage glitter, sequins, and fringes with added glamour. Giving us the resurgence of the mash up of Vintage and Disco vibes.

My outfit made me feel like a girl who time traveled from the 70s to Gen Z, who dons this glistening shiny draped gown who could wear this for absolutely any occasion apart from New Year’s Eve. Adding an abundance of sequins into a dress is like injecting some fun and flamboyan...

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