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Sneha RK

April 27, 2017


Each month just keeps swinging by and I’m glad that we’re winding down to May. I think the scorching heat is really getting to me lately and I can’t wait for the monsoon to begin. For this style post, I’m pulling myself together and showing you my edgy side. I’m all about the edge and glam. All you need is a cute bodycon dress and a good pair of sock boots to get you that sporty yet chic look. You can up your game with a statement chunky belt and Voila! Felt so effortlessly badass with this double buckle belt to finish off the look. I love how it looks paired with this cold shoulder style dress.  There’s always a contented feeling when I get a new addition into my wardrobe- making me feel a little upbeat, smile a little wider and a bit more confidence in my body language than before...

March 30, 2017

Freedom of Style, Thought and Expression.

This post is a little different from my previous ones, as this one is filled with some fusion. In our country, it’s not we who decide what to wear but it’s the society that decides what we are wearing in their heads. We are restricted. “Freedom” is the key, and every woman’s choices and expressions for themselves must be respected. I don’t think people will ever stop judging but at least we can stop ourselves from being affected. We should know who we are and show the same to the world with confidence. For sure we are not made by people’s judgment and thoughts. Only insecure and uptight people gain supremacy high by judging others. Please YOUR SELF not others. Choose YOUR happiness first. 

Women somehow aren't really allowed to take cente...

March 16, 2017

This season has demonstrated that great denim can be very versatile- it comes in all shapes, textures, sizes and hues. Text prints, undone hems, pinups, embroideries and patchwork are just at the leading edge when it comes to trendy denim pieces. Denims can easily be experimented on and customised to one's own liking; like I have done here with acrylic paints, a pair of scissors, a few safety pins and most importantly - a crazy mind. This year jeans have made a huge come back with various different trends thrown in for good measure. There’s so much more variety than just skinny jeans. The high street has been elevated with everything from quirky text print to patch works and frayed hems. This craze has had me living in jeans more than ever. Considering this outfit is literally just a pai...

February 4, 2017

Hey Hey Hey!

My love affair with skirts only seems to get stronger as the years go by and a little bit of styling that gives it that added charm…

Here I am strutting around the streets of Kala Ghoda with my leather jacket and metallic midi skirt – unpractical some might say, but I’ve never really cared too much about that. I’m definitely not trying to pass off as a fashion rebel, but I’m all for wearing what makes me feel great at any given time or date. I love an A like statement skirt like no other –with a simple tee, black choker and belt. It’s a charismatic combination that tricks me into thinking I’m some sort of sixties film character (it’s fun to pretend), teamed with my trusty burgundy Forever 21 pumps. Then maybe some crimson lipstick to really play against the metallic grey colou...

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