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Sneha RK

June 23, 2017

Embroidery is all over the place this year and I'm sure you've already seen it on the runway this season. I love embroidery on blouses and denims but lately I’ve been seeing it on leather jackets, belts, bags and shoes as well. A tried and tested classic which has been reinvented and I've only begun to love it even more.  I personally think it’s one of the most beautiful art forms. This blouse has my favourite floral detailing embroidered all over it with ruffled neckline and short bell sleeves. I love how the colour, embroidery and the layers of ruffles add a playful textural depth to the blouse. This one’s from the SS17 collection of Zara.

I consider this blouse as a staple piece and preferred keeping the rest of the outfit pretty basic. I wore it with a white pair of mom jeans and red...

The quality of being female, liberal AND strength. How often do we hear those words put together? Not much. We only use these “click-baity” phrases when it is about blogs and stuff, you know? But let’s just face it- A woman can be gorgeous, feminine, AND fierce at the same time.

The fashion industry is not so glam as people make it to be. You have always got to find the right people and the right people are rare. I’ve met some wonderful people but also I’ve come across people who’ve tried to regress me. It wasn’t really about team-work. There are going to be people who will ill-treat you, not let you grow. But you know something? That is what actually gave me strength to do something of my own, to give better things a chance, to give myself a chance and well, here I am.


I started my ow...

March 30, 2017

Freedom of Style, Thought and Expression.

This post is a little different from my previous ones, as this one is filled with some fusion. In our country, it’s not we who decide what to wear but it’s the society that decides what we are wearing in their heads. We are restricted. “Freedom” is the key, and every woman’s choices and expressions for themselves must be respected. I don’t think people will ever stop judging but at least we can stop ourselves from being affected. We should know who we are and show the same to the world with confidence. For sure we are not made by people’s judgment and thoughts. Only insecure and uptight people gain supremacy high by judging others. Please YOUR SELF not others. Choose YOUR happiness first. 

Women somehow aren't really allowed to take cente...

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