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Swans.Crisp Breeze.Warm Hues

Hey there!

A month ago, I was in London packing my luggage to move to Mumbai as I had just finished studying. Packing gets really stressful and my way of relaxing is a walk in the park; deciding what to wear can be a bit stressful for some of us as the weather in London has always been unpredictable. As I was surrounded by piles of clothes and shoes already, I came across my knitted BodyCon midi dress that I never had the courage to wear and always found excuses for the same. I finally decided to wear that and keep that as my base for the outfit. I chose to wear my black lace top over the dress and a faux fur black jacket to keep me warm. I gave this look a casual feel by pairing it with sneakers.

Reiterating the fact about the unpredictable weather in London, it's not easy to decide on what to wear for the day. I always layer up as I always have an option of putting them on or taking them off as the weather changes. I wouldn’t complain about the drop in the temperature when it means strolling around golden leaves with this magnificent backdrop.

I am immersing myself into the crinkling orange leaves and chilly weather as it won’t be long until I’m away travelling in other climates, and I think there is something so special about London at this time of the year.

Before I do a photo shoot, I always like to make a Mood Board that shows my inspiration and how my look came together. The picture above shows the colours and images I was inspired from.

Grey Knitted BodyCon dress - Forever 21

Lace Top - Forever 21

Jacket - Bardo

Shoes - Adidas

Bag - Michael Kors

Hope you enjoyed this post. Till then Style it with Attitude.


Sneha RK

Location - Regents Park

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