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Metallic Mania

Hey Hey Hey!

My love affair with skirts only seems to get stronger as the years go by and a little bit of styling that gives it that added charm…

Here I am strutting around the streets of Kala Ghoda with my leather jacket and metallic midi skirt – unpractical some might say, but I’ve never really cared too much about that. I’m definitely not trying to pass off as a fashion rebel, but I’m all for wearing what makes me feel great at any given time or date. I love an A like statement skirt like no other –with a simple tee, black choker and belt. It’s a charismatic combination that tricks me into thinking I’m some sort of sixties film character (it’s fun to pretend), teamed with my trusty burgundy Forever 21 pumps. Then maybe some crimson lipstick to really play against the metallic grey colour of the skirt. It’s the kind of look that could work for infinite number of occasions. Sometimes I like to rediscover old vintage pieces in my closet when I’m not feeling inspired by what the high street has to offer. I have always been a big fan of pleated skirts in general – there’s something really vintage with a dash of grunge looking about it, and it always seems to make an outfit look instantly cool. Pleated skirts have been everywhere this season. Let the skirt do the talking by keeping the rest of your look simple.

Let’s not forget to glance over the bag . You may have noticed that I love this cross body bag as you might have seen it in some of my previous posts – and this cutie has been a very welcome addition to the family. It tends to look deceivingly small, yet this actually holds a lot of my essentials I might need for the day ahead. I’m really impressed with the quality considering how affordable it was, and the metal stud detail just gives it that cooler edge.

Have a look at this vintage inspired look.

Photo Credits- Vishal Darse and Unnati Mehta

Outfit Details

Top- Primark

Skirt- Zara

Sling- ASOS

Heels- Forever 21

Belt- HM

Hope you guys enjoyed this space. I will be back with more exciting content next week, so make sure to come back.

Lots of love,

Sneha RK xx

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