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Quirk Bits

This season has demonstrated that great denim can be very versatile- it comes in all shapes, textures, sizes and hues. Text prints, undone hems, pinups, embroideries and patchwork are just at the leading edge when it comes to trendy denim pieces. Denims can easily be experimented on and customised to one's own liking; like I have done here with acrylic paints, a pair of scissors, a few safety pins and most importantly - a crazy mind. This year jeans have made a huge come back with various different trends thrown in for good measure. There’s so much more variety than just skinny jeans. The high street has been elevated with everything from quirky text print to patch works and frayed hems. This craze has had me living in jeans more than ever. Considering this outfit is literally just a pair of jeans and a tee; the choker, watch and wedges complete the look. But the casual and simple outfits are my favourite as they’re certainly the ones I wear most often.


Photo Credits: Unnati Mehta and Vishal Darse

Outfit Details

T-shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Forever 21 (DIY)

Shoes- Zara

Watch- Yves Bertelin


Sneha RK


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