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Freedom Of Style

Freedom of Style, Thought and Expression.

This post is a little different from my previous ones, as this one is filled with some fusion. In our country, it’s not we who decide what to wear but it’s the society that decides what we are wearing in their heads. We are restricted. “Freedom” is the key, and every woman’s choices and expressions for themselves must be respected. I don’t think people will ever stop judging but at least we can stop ourselves from being affected. We should know who we are and show the same to the world with confidence. For sure we are not made by people’s judgment and thoughts. Only insecure and uptight people gain supremacy high by judging others. Please YOUR SELF not others. Choose YOUR happiness first.

Women somehow aren't really allowed to take center stage most of the time, as superstitions and outdated beliefs are given undue importance. I want to reach people through my thoughts and express myself in a creative way.

Most of the time my inspiration quickly fades into space the moment it’s strapped and obligated by rules. Inspiration is the voice of your heart and must be acted on swiftly in order to avoid the landslide of society-driven ideas that act like a tsunami to wash out every last inch of your individuality and passion. What your heart says is eternally the essence of YOU. I amalgamated an ethnic outfit and jewelry with denim and sunglasses to show that one girl can embrace both the traditional and modern aspects of our society seamlessly. Bold but innocent. Fun but poised. Strong but loving.

An untamed spirit and a wild heart is all you need to lead you towards your dreams. She surely functions best when she is left to her own domination. She works on her own agenda and plays by her own rules.

Photo Credits - Unnati Mehta and Vishal Darse

Outfit Details

Lehenga- Designed by me | Denim Shirt- Forever 21 | Sunglasses- Forever 21 | Jewelry- Store in Bandra


Sneha RK

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