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Bold and Beautiful

The quality of being female, liberal AND strength. How often do we hear those words put together? Not much. We only use these “click-baity” phrases when it is about blogs and stuff, you know? But let’s just face it- A woman can be gorgeous, feminine, AND fierce at the same time. The fashion industry is not so glam as people make it to be. You have always got to find the right people and the right people are rare. I’ve met some wonderful people but also I’ve come across people who’ve tried to regress me. It wasn’t really about team-work. There are going to be people who will ill-treat you, not let you grow. But you know something? That is what actually gave me strength to do something of my own, to give better things a chance, to give myself a chance and well, here I am.

I started my own blog because I wanted to give style a customized and personalized meaning, given what my life had shown me. But of course, it didn’t get any easy. It never was. I was finally putting my heart into something, still am. Criticism is something that we all face, different people take it in different ways; it makes me fierce, it makes me want to shatter the critics and rise and shine. There are days the blog does great, there are days it may not but, doing good or bad doesn’t bother me as much because it is mine and I am accountable for whatsoever. When it’s a loss, I know I screwed up. When a win, I know I earned it.

It is a man’s world they say, huh? It is true. Women have it so much tougher fighting the stereotypes than the men do. Of course there are beautiful men too, who support us in their full capacities but the greater battles a woman has to always fight alone. So, all I’m saying is, you’re not alone. Keep fighting the rage that’s around you and keep supporting the heart that’s inside you because that is the way forward.

My look here is all about mixing feminine and masculine styles with a bit of edginess. I am all about the classics. I like comfortable, versatile pieces that I can mix and match with a lot of other things in my wardrobe. I’ve kept things clean and chic in black, white and neutral by giving the classic pieces an easy-breezy style. I invest in a couple of key athleisure garments that can be worn a number of ways. Pairing the tracksuit with a crop top highlights the waist making the overall look rugged yet feminine. I’ve maintained my hint of edginess with statement earrings and chunky heels. It’s a look that is as comfortable to wear as it is put together.

“Oh women, phenomenal women”.. This one’s to womanhood, to us, unabashedly. We are not chatter. We are words, meaningful words. We are not bouquets you gift away to people. We are flowers, beautiful flowers.

Photo Credits - Unnati Mehta

Content Editors - Alisha Asif, Sneha RK

Outfit Details

Track pants - Adidas | Tracksuit Jacket - Adidas | Boots - Boohoo(Similar) | Top - Flipkart | Earrings - Accessorize


Sneha RK

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