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Have you ever experienced that feeling of being completely lost inside your imagination while the rest of the world ascended away? As a creative artist, I go through those inevitable fluctuations of excitement and stillness, expansion and constriction, that pressure of taking it to the next level as well as those moments when I am simply trying to please myself as I float aimlessly on my creative highland.

Sometimes, out of the blue, life can come in as a vacuum and suck up all your creativity. Where ideas once streamed freely, was now a total void space making you desperately look for ways to feel more inspired. And all I ended up was feeling like a chaotic mess of ideas with no clear focus towards one single idea. That’s how I felt a few weeks back.

The worst feeling is when you're trying to create something original, but you’re stuck in a rut. A lack of inspiration totally sucks. There is always that illusionary balance between connecting with other artists and bloggers online while still carving out some personal space to allow my creativity to roam free.

I think at some point, creativity needs some amount of empty space. This blank space acts as a canvas for my creative imagination that can be experimented, expanded and played around with those ideas that I have immersed in from the world around me. I’m writing this on a rainy afternoon, flicking through the glossy pages filled with dreamy colour palettes of a magazine, and feeling very inspired to start planning more interesting content for next month. Hope that even you always seek to find ways to regain and hold on to your creative thinking.

”To raise new questions, a new possibility, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination.” — Albert Einstein

My visual story telling begins..

Photo Credits - Unnati Mehta

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Dress - Zara | Cuff - Vintage


Sneha RK

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