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Creep It Real

Halloween is an ancient holiday on which people believed they needed to wear masks to protect themselves from bad spirits that roamed the earth on Hallow’s Eve. I was wondering a few days ago, what if the purpose of Halloween is to show how the real world actually is, and the rest of the year we self-seclude in our socially approved clothing?

We are what we are, but are we in the real sense? Masquerades, disguises etc. are a few things we see around to conceal the real identity. But then, isn’t the world really a place where everyone wears an invisible mask? Hiding his/her true self by showcasing themselves as someone who they aren't. No, I’m not being cynical. People put on masks for many reasons; to cover their sorrows with a happy mask, to cover their grief with a smile. It’s taxing to live an artificial life. You put on a mask or two or maybe more then take some off and again put a couple more on…It’s exhausting. We start forgetting who we really are. The venerable American Poet, E. E. Cummings once said, “The greatest battle we face as human beings is the battle to protect our true selves from the self the world wants us to become”, and THAT is what I too believe as well.

My mask depicts the emotion of being half dead caused by the pessimistic people around who are eating me up with their hate, but I'm still who I am and fearlessly facing the hate and negativity; living my normal life in the city. We've pretty much become dead from the inside, shutting our feelings for others and living a monotonous life. Feelings are defunct.

Think about the masks you wear and pledge to take them off. Embrace your gifts out to the world - no apology, no shame, no regrets. As they say “Every creature has its rightful place, and in that place it becomes beautiful.”

Photo Credits - Indrajeet Bhonsle

Makeup Artist - Mrunal Vijay Chauhan

Outfit Details

T-shirt - HM | Crop top - Zara | Pants - Shein | Heels - Bershka

Till then, creep it real.


Sneha RK

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