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Started From The Bottom

Lately I’ve been drawn towards vintage themed concepts and I can’t stop obsessing over it. #Throwback #Vintage #StartedFromTheBottom #Fusion and many more are some trending hashtags on Instagram and other social media. I took the literal meaning of these trends and put it all together in this post of mine. This summer, the plaid trouser gets a retro reboot.

#StartedFromTheBottom, we mostly tend to focus on our tops, tees and keep our lowers as an add-on or complimentary to the top we wear. Here, I broke the rule and found something that compliments my ‘Irish themed Plaid Pants’. Adding on the pearl studded loafers gave me the extra zing I wanted for this look on a hot summer day.

My surroundings shout out #Throwback and #Vintage, with the ‘Anarkali’ Graffiti and the old streets of Mumbai, helped me in bringing out my theme and draw a connect with another concept of #Fusion.

#Fusion – the vintage Irish theme on my attire to the literal throwback of the India in the 1950s on the walls completed the contrasting vintage.

Outfit Details

Shirt - ASOS | Suspenders - Boohoo | Pants - H&M | Earrings - H&M | Loafers - Gifted


Sneha RK


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