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90s BABY

We tend to be intrigued with times gone by – whether that’s the '90s or as far back as the '20s. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of flared pants, or a beret – we are fascinated towards the style of times gone by.

The '90s were on a high for pop culture and music. Looking back in time, I’ve been thinking about the trends that we’ve forgotten about in the hope of rediscovering something new from my mouldable years.

Unlike the other eras, the '90s fashion couldn’t be summarized with a specific kinda style. There was a lot going on. For those who lived through it, like me, there was a sense of fluctuation, of not only a century but of a millennium drawing to a close. Hence, we’ve been seeing a spurt of revivals this season. So I’ve thrown on my most comfortable wide-leg pants, bow tie halter top, tinted glasses and a denim jacket to dive you right into the 90s mood.


Sneha RK

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