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On The Other Side Of The Fashion Week

Around this time every year I start to feel a little anxious about the industry that I’ve found myself contributing to – fashion month comes around, and I’m always found questioning myself – What are you doing for it? There’s something about fashion week that feels very cosmic from the outside, but at the same time, it’s a small world where all the creative minds meet. Dressing up for the shows, getting those perfect social media shots and videos, sifting through all the best looks on Instagram; it’s on another level of media obsession. Either way, I’ve always loved attending shows of emerging designers; they always come with a wave of freshness and zeal. By the end of the season, I’m always left incredibly inspired and sometimes, exhausted! But I’m not complaining.

As a Fashion student, I always wanted to and made sure to attend every show I could and document it to later decode these silhouettes and trends. It used to be fun!

I barely speak about the profession I am in. Being a professor made me understand how students of today perceive fashion in this fast paced industry. Teaching various subjects in fashion design, I have always loved teaching – it’s helped me share new ideas, learn more, see through different perspectives and grow with each experience year after year.

This year I got the opportunity to mentor designers to showcase at London and New York Fashion Week. At first, it just seemed nerve wrecking. Every designer knows what a big deal it is to showcase London Fashion Week. It’s one of the most-watched and highly anticipated fashion events in the industry, and the expectations get levelled up each year.

Each designer has a different approach to handling the pressures. Some completely disconnect and relax, while others spend every given second dedicated towards bring their collection to life. From brainstorming to fabric selections, from creating their own prints to final designs, the process can sometimes get nerve wrecking. Only to have that absolutely soul satisfying happiness once it’s gone down the ramp for the world to lay eyes on it.

For now, I’m quite content with admiring fashion week from a place that makes me feel a little bit content (in myself) and a lot more proud (of the students). It’s not always been about attending the shows, but more about being involved in the creative process of it.

Outfit Details

Choker - Ajio | Top - Shein | Culottes - Shein | Shoes - Adidas

I would like to thank INIFD Andheri for giving me such wonderful opportunities time and again.



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