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Make Green the New Black

Green is the new Black! Sustainable practices have become a revolution to enhance the consumer’s awareness of social and environmental concerns in varied aspects.

I’m trying to learn more about this aspect of the fashion industry to broaden and explore my knowledge. The more people are aware about the truth behind cheap and fast fashion, the bigger our impact will be with the choices we make. Low-cost clothing fly off the shelves faster, so brands have started focusing on cheap garments with short lead time that also get disposed off by the consumer by the end of the season. I am also one of those consumers who has contributed to this kind of shopping as it seems so tempting and easy to stay in trend. I am making small efforts into changing this and be a more conscious and informed shopper. This has helped me shape my perspective and understand more about where I’m investing and how can I spend less and reuse pieces in different ways. Choosing quality over quantity is key.

Sustainable fashion can best be produced by creating sustainable products which increase the longevity of a garment. Nature is certainly one of the best inspirations for creating a beautiful collection; the search for hidden colours, forms and textures is the appeal of eco-printing, and a form of art. I loved how Designer Lirisha Gala has experimented with natural ways of printing and dyeing. The colours found in nature, in flowers, plants, and vegetables are so much more vibrant and beautiful than artificial colours, and it’s extremely rewarding when you are able to capture that colour on a piece of fabric and wear it. She used a method of covering a piece of fabric with the leaves, petals and bamboo sticks and wrapping it around and tying it into a little bundle that is then steamed. Eco-printing are essentially direct contact printing methods, drawing out pigments from plants to make interesting and often surprising marks on linen, khadi and other natural fabrics. I am surely going to start investing more on such beautiful pieces.



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