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Happy New Year you guys!

So, I was scrolling through a lot of New Year resolution posts on Instagram and it got me pondering over what exactly this New Year will be like, for me. Well, I have no rules or resolutions as such but this year will bring in loads of change mainly turning Ms to Mrs Aaaah! It’s kinda making me feel a bit weird, in a good way though.

I’ve never really spoken about that aspect of my life since I always chose to keep it private. I will soon be writing about it in a couple of months. Slowly..

Coming back to 2018,

I stayed in touch with my artistic soul as much as I could, I did things that made me anxious, I focused more on my relationships, and I practiced time management and spending my energy properly for the first time.

In 2018 I chose myself a lot, I got to know myself more than ever before, and I didn’t hate what I found.

I basically just want to keep moving forward and forget all that ‘New Year, New Me bullshit’. I feel more focused and organised when I don’t let myself compete with other’s pace and just keep eyes on my track and timeline. These are all things I’ve been working towards, so there’s nothing that feels like a resolution, and that’s exactly how I would like it to be this year as well.

The point of this post was to remind you and me that we don’t need to have a set list of resolutions lined up in order to get ahead. Chances are you’re already doing just fine, and January is just another month to get even better at what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s just a chance to continue the great work you’ve already been doing… Slam dunking every obstacle in style.



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