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Instagram Famous 4.0 - The Rainbow Street


Back with another post of Instagram Famous series, here’s the fourth one with the most vibrant pictures on my blog till date.

And this one is no surprise. It had to be Notting Hill.

#4 Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of my happy places to visit, whether it’s for a stroll or to attend the Carnival - always a beautiful memory. I fell in love with this neighborhood much before it became one of the most instagrammable places in London. I was staying in the close area of Shepherds Bush this time when I was living in the city, so visiting the famous Portobello market was just a few bus stops away.

When we think of colourful streets in London, we always think of Notting Hill, the most famous one on Insta.

Tucked away in West London, you’ll find rows upon rows of painted houses, lined up just waiting to be photographed.

From jewel tones in Lancaster Road to gorgeous pastels in Westbourne Park Road, we realised every little turning had some hidden gem.

The Notting Hill Carnival

A Street festival filled with vibrant elaborate costumes, dance parade, live Caribbean music and delish street food (you can't miss the Jerk chicken!).

The Notting Hill Carnival is one event you shouldn't miss if you're here in the month of August. Its one of the major highlights of the month. I would suggest wearing comfy shoes, carrying sunscreen, a bottle of water and a map to navigate around the area on that day as its hot, overcrowded and most of the routes around the carnival would be closed. Nonetheless, you should definitely come to experience the Caribbean music and flavours.

When does this carnival take place?

Every year at the last weekend of August which also includes the Bank Holiday.

This was my third time at the carnival and the energy we were surrounded with was amazing. Though I didn't spend enough time at the carnival this time due to work, hence not many pictures here to do justice to how beautiful the parade and the costumes were.

The Portobello Market

Portobello Road is certainly Notting Hill’s busiest area. This is because on weekends, most of Portobello Road turns into a buzzing street market. When the Portobello Road Market is not taking place, the street can be best admired for stores, cute cafes and of course, the painted houses.

We chose to go take a stroll at sunset time for some stunning shots of the houses. From coloured facades, antique pieces to quirky stores – it’s a street worth exploring.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you soon.

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