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Instagram Famous 5.0 - A day in Brighton

Hey hey!

So here's my last one from the Instagram Famous series I created. Click here to see the previous ones if you haven't already.

#5 Brighton Beach and Pier

My third trip to this place and it felt so nostalgic as it brought back so many lovely memories. Reminded me of us dusting off all responsibilities to have an old fashioned laying on the beach staring at the beautiful sky and appreciating the summer days.

We did a bit of snack shopping before heading towards the beach. It was an extremely windy day with gloominess surrounding us. We sat at the beach hoping for the weather to get better. And it did get better… for a few hours when the sun finally decided to show up, we let go of our jackets to soak up under the warm sunshine.

A few spontaneous beach selfies and videos later, we decided to take a walk to the pier and hit up the cute little shops along the way. I was kinda adamant on not spending too much but still managed to come away with a few souvenirs – why is it so hard to leave empty handed!!? Its like I want to carry a piece of this place back with me. Also collected a few pretty pebbles and shells from the beach that’s now sitting inside a glass pot in my house.

Seagulls in Brighton are bigger in size than the ones found elsewhere, which I assume is because of how aggressive they are in seeking out food. It is not uncommon to lose a sandwich to a grabby seagull that keeps an eye on every movement of yours. Well, I lost my croissant to one of the feathery monsters!

Our next stop was the pier, and the weather just got colder and windier with my hair flying in every direction possible. Anyway, the last picture really sums up our time on the pier – getting blown away by the wind and the ever-so-magnificent view.

Until next time, Brighton!

Outfit Details

Top - London thrift store (Similar - Jabong, Shein)

Jacket - Latin Quarters ( Similar - Ajio)

Pants - Primark (Similar - Koovs)

Sandal - Steve Madden (Similar)



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