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Mixing it Up this Winter

Here's the recipe for an edgy a la mode look - Mixing up the right proportions of texture, print and detailing.

A Plaid trouser, newspaper Print t-shirt, Statement sleeves crop top with a folded thigh high boots – Well, it took me a lot of experimenting to come up with this combination. It was so much fun trying out different combinations. Can you guess what my inspiration for the look was?

A Walker Shortbread’s Packaging. :P

These are pieces that have been in my wardrobe for years and are so versatile, I don’t find the need to buy more clothes when I can make my existing wardrobe so functional. I love to be able to style my old pieces in new ways again and again; it’s so much fun. I’ve been focusing on conscious buying since last year moreover, it has changed the way I think and the way I style now. My wardrobe now consists more of want I need vs what I want.

Let’s take a moment to admire these gorgeous Boots. They are my favourite pair and I also found another way to sport them instead of the same ol’ thigh high boots. It literally elevates the entire outfit.

So, here’s a quick outfit decode chit.

Photography Credits - Sanket Kashid


T-shirt - Shein

Trouser - H&M (Similar)

Thigh high Boots - Zara (Similar)


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