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That Swiss Dream

Snow-clad mountains, decadent chocolates, rich culture and everything that luxury means - It’s definitely a dream destination.

We were staying at Zurich and got to explore the beautiful city filled with magnificent architecture with its mix of old town charm with modern quirky stores.

On our first day, before we headed to the city, we quickly stopped by Rhine Falls. This was definitely an adventurous first day of Switzerland for us. It's one of the biggest falls of Europe and we didn’t want to miss out on this one. We took a boat ride to go near the falls and we could literally hear the roar of the falls and our boat getting shaky. There was such a thrill and adrenaline rush with that experience.

The second day we spent exploring the city and shopping (How can I go back home without any Swiss chocolates?!). The weather was quite gloomy and it rained most of the day. But it didn’t stop us from taking a stroll around the lake, interacting with swans and stopping by majestic churches.

Eventhough Zurich is filled with postcard frames, the highlight of our trip was Mt. Titlis. So the next day, we drove down from Switzerland to Engelberg which took us approximately an hour to reach. Mt. Titlis stands on the base of Engelberg. We bought our tickets and headed straight up to the mountains with a cable car. Halfway through our destination upwards, we get off the cable car and proceed towards a rotating cable car. Its called the 360 degrees Rotair – giving us the most splendid panoramic views of the mountains. We ended the day by driving down to Lucerne after Mt Titlis to enjoy a beautiful evening.

Here’s my Photo Journal with a few video snippets of each day.

Rheinfall, Schaffhausen


Mt. Titlis and Lucerne

Hope you enjoyed this journal. You can leave your comment below if you have any questions regarding the trip.



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