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A Blazey Festive Look

Not sure what to wear this festive season?

This year I tried not shop for festive seasons specifically and solely invest in pieces that I could wear all year round.

In an Instagram sea filled with sequin dresses and tassel skirts, I wanted to stick to basics that I won’t fall out of love restyling and repeating them.

After my previous post, it’s safe to say I’m in love with over-sized blazers. It’s a look that makes me feel confident, and a look that I have come to rely on for so many occasions, I felt like I’m channeling my inner Nineties Babe. So this Christmas, I wanted to wear something different and rebel against the same ol’ red dress. I wanted to feel pretty with a tinge of masculinity.

For me, this is a look I can play around with in multiple ways. The over-sized blazer and pants are so comfortable without me worrying about flattering my shape. It blurs out the lines between masculine and feminine dressing making it no longer a statement dressing to either.

Its such a simple look that’s simply been elevated with layered neck-piece, blingy belt and a pair of boots – Voila!

I went from work ready to party ready in no time.

Photography - Sounak Majumder

Location - Distillery Gurgaon


Blazer - Shein

Pants - Zara (Old)

Boots - Boohoo (Old)

Belt - Shein

Earrings - Thrifted

Neckpiece - Shein

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.



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