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Winter Colour Pop / Restyling 2 winter pieces into 4 looks

Welcome back to this small space on the internet.

Today’s fashion essential is about styling quirky winter pieces with basics. I’ve always loved winter and the styling potential winter clothes have. I see people more often wearing bright colours during summers and neutrals during winters so, I wanted to break that monotony a bit and play with colours to make winter less gloomy. Invest in a few key pieces and keep building your outfit around it. It's fun and exciting to see how one piece can look so different when styled differently.

I don’t believe in having a separate wardrobe for winter and summer clothes. Winter is the best time to use summer basics as inner or outer layers.

The only 2 key winter pieces are the knit sweater and the over-sized corduroy jacket.

So, here’s a roundup of 4 colourful outfits for winter! Adding vibrancy and life to winter outfits with a burst of colours.

Knit Sweater / LOOK 1

A great look for Office wear - Sweater over tailored pants and a quirky colourful studded sandal. Super comfy and chic for work. Added a highlight of yellow around the waist with a full sleeve t-shirt; always handy if it gets extra cold.


Layered the same sweater with blue culottes over a white shirt an cinched the waist with a red belt over it. Added on a white pair of sandals to keep white as a minimal highlight to the look and Voila! Casual and preppy.


Wore this over-sized jacket with a crop top and white denims. Gave it an edgy vibe by adding folded thigh-high boots and a bag strap as a belt around my waist. I call it - A high-street athleisure glam.


Making the jacket the main highlight here showcasing its colour-block patchwork. Wore it as it is, unbuttoned and layered underneath with a dark knit top and an embroidered black skirt to give it a colourful clash. Topped it off with thigh high boots.

Photography - Sounak Majumder


Sweater - Shein

Pants - Zara

Yellow T-shirt - Zara (Old)

Belt - Thrifted

Studded Heels - Shein

Jacket - Shein

Boots - Zara (Old)

Skirt - Shein

Sweater - Primark

Earring - H&M

Thanks for reading. Come back soon!



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