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City of Love | 48 hours in Agra

If you’ve visited Agra, chances are you’ve already seen the colossal Taj Mahal. Well, it was my first visit to Agra (technically, second visit as I did come here with my parents when I was three but I hardly remember it). We drove down to Agra from Delhi and straight headed to our hotel. After check in and lunch, we headed to Agra Fort.

Built in red sandstone and marble, this magnificent architecture exudes a majestic feeling once you enter the courtyards. This fort is just two and a half kilometers away from Taj Mahal and has multiple palaces, gardens and mosques. The details on these palaces are astonishing and I could stare at it wondering what the inspiration was behind every pattern. Every corner of the fort had stories to tell from the Mughal times.

The next morning, we headed to the Taj Mahal, a guided tour organised for us by the Taj Hotel. The guide unraveled multiple stories and gave us all the myths and facts about the Taj Mahal and the entire history behind it which was great because some of it wasn't even taught to us in school. So here are some pictures from the second day.

The second half of the day was spent lounging at the rooftop of the Taj hotel, relaxing and watching the sunset. The hotel staff couldn't be more welcoming and warm.

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