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September 26, 2019

Must visit places in London - #3 on the list is Peggy Porschen

February 16, 2019

Sometimes it feels so complicated to throw together an outfit that will be inspiring when all I want to do is wrap up myself  in a warm coat each day that I was in Delhi. We are so over saturated with content these days from so many amazing content creators – it’s difficult to figure out what else could be appealing and different at the same time.

Here’s a look I created on a freezing day without layering but actually has been layered smartly. The top has been layered over two thermal tees and the corduroy pants over thermal slacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love jackets but for a person who lives in a city that hardly has winter; it feels pointless to invest in multiple jackets or coats. This could be helpful for those who are travelling to colder cities and can make use of their summer ward...

January 14, 2019

Happy New Year you guys!

So, I was scrolling through a lot of New Year resolution posts on Instagram and it got me pondering over what exactly this New Year will be like, for me. Well, I have no rules or resolutions as such but this year will bring in loads of change mainly turning Ms to Mrs Aaaah! It’s kinda making me feel a bit weird, in a good way though.

I’ve never really spoken about that aspect of my life since I always chose to keep it private. I will soon be writing about it in a couple of months. Slowly..

Coming back to 2018,

I stayed in touch with my artistic soul as much as I could, I did things that made me anxious, I focused more on my relationships, and I practiced time management and spending my energy properly for the first time.

In 2018 I chose myself a lot, I got to know mys...

October 26, 2018

Green is the new Black! Sustainable practices have become a revolution to enhance the consumer’s awareness of social and environmental concerns in varied aspects.

I’m trying to learn more about this aspect of the fashion industry to broaden and explore my knowledge. The more people are aware about the truth behind cheap and fast fashion, the bigger our impact will be with the choices we make. Low-cost clothing fly off the shelves faster, so brands have started focusing on cheap garments with short lead time that also get disposed off by the consumer by the end of the season. I am also one of those consumers who has contributed to this kind of shopping as it seems so tempting and easy to stay in trend. I am making small efforts into changing this and be a more conscious and informed shoppe...

October 2, 2018

Gleaming sunshine and fresh flowers

A sense of verve

Feels like a new start to the hour

While her hair dances with the flow of the breeze

Puts her into a trance

With such composure and ease

The feeling of vigour

That rushes into

Like the sweet smell that lingers

The feeling of colour and movement

That strokes into

Like the sense of preserving that drifting moment


Heels - Ajio

Neckpiece - Shein

Dress - Shein



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